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Projects / SWAC

As part of the cooperation with Evelop/Econcern, Global Foods is involved in studying the possibilities for the installation of a sea water airconditioning facility for the island of Aruba, and other Caribbean countries.

SWAC (Seawater Air Conditioning) is a system that uses water from the ocean depths as a coolant for air conditioning in buildings, thereby saving 90% of energy and 20 to 30 percent on the current energy costs for cooling. A pipeline will be installed off the coast of Aruba that will extend several kilometres out to sea, reaching a depth of approximately 800 metres. The cold seawater is then pumped to a special water station on land.

Cool Caribbean seawater

The cool temperature of the seawater, low by Caribbean standards, is transferred to the installation water that runs through the air conditioning in the hotels and companies located along the seashore.

SWAC can be used in traditional air conditioning systems, as well as in the aquaculture industry, agriculture, process cooling and for medical purposes. In addition to being very energy friendly, SWAC has almost no adverse effects on the environment and is both virtually invisible and noiseless.

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