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Projects / EU Sugar Import

Global Foods, with its more than 20 years track record in the sugar industry and its more than 12 years track record in the European sugar distribution business, is always looking for new ways to supply affordable high-quality white refined and crystal sugar to the European food-processing industry.

At this moment it is providing three different types of imported sugar supply solutions, as outlined below, through its subsidiary Sugar Solutions B.V. This company, based in Amsterdam, has its own logistical operations in the Rotterdam area, from where it supplies sugar from dedicated, IFS- and BRC-certified sugar warehouses in special sugar bulk silo trucks and in big bags.

Supplying the highest quality of sugar

IPR: since October 2008, the EU does no longer provide export refunds on exports of sugar-containing processed food products (so-called ‘non-Annex 1’ products) out of the EU. Given the significant price difference between the world market price for sugar and the European price for sugar, the European food-processing industry runs the risk of losing its international competitive position as a result of high sugar costs. The Inward Processing Relief (‘IPR’) allows, under certain conditions and under rather complicated regulations and procedures, for producers of these export products, to import third-country sugar from outside of the EU. Global Foods, with its expertise in European sugar distribution, knowledge of EU regulations and strong sugar supply line in Brazil, is in a good position to service existing and new customers in supplying import sugar under IPR.

EBA: as from July 1st, 2009, the countries benefiting from the EU’s Everything-But-Arms (‘EBA’) initiative, are allowed to import sugar into the EU without paying the significant import duties applicable to other third countries. Many EBA countries are able to supply high-quality sugar that can be sold for industrial use in the EU, but lack the European distribution and quality-control capabilities. Global Foods intends to build upon its existing relationships with EBA producers and its distribution capacity to supply the European food-processing industry with EBA sugar.

Import quota: in order to improve the already existing supply of world market price sugar to the European chemical sector, the EU, has announced a special import quota for world sugar, duty-free. Applying the same sugar import capabilities as applied under the IPR- and EBA regulations, the group is able to supply white refined sugar of the highest quality to the chemical consumers of sugar in the EU.

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