We are an international group of companies
that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship.

About Global Foods Holding

Global Foods is an international group of companies that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship, primarily in the fields of sugar and renewable energy.

Since its start in 1996, the group has been building on its principals’ experience in commodity trade and finance (8 years at MeesPierson and ING Bank) and private investments, in order to develop business plans, create companies and manage them. For many years, it only ran sugar processing and distribution businesses; sourcing sugar around the world, producing sugar-containing products, and selling these to the food-processing industry in the EU. Eventually it became the largest importer of white refined sugar into the EU.

Recent developments

More recently, the group diversified in the direction of renewable energy. By establishing one of the largest Brazilian greenfield sugar cane production joint ventures, it became a producer of bio-ethanol and bio-electricity and introduced a number of large private equity renewable energy investors to the Brazilian cane industry. Following this lead, the group also ventured into other fields of renewable energy such as wind, algae and sea-water air conditioning.

Today, Global Foods has as its mission to generate and develop business opportunities that allow its team to exercise its skills as sustainable entrepreneurs. The group is in a position to invest, and to raise equity and financing; but foremost seeks to (further) build companies as an entrepreneurial owner/partner that knows how to manage and improve businesses, together with others.

In order to do so, it has a team of experienced professionals from different backgrounds that can be deployed around the world from offices in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Aruba, Curacao and the USA (Westport, Connecticut).

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