We are an international group of companies
that focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship.

Activities / Renewable Energy

Through its participation in CNAA, and as a result of a decision to diversify its activities into an important global growth industry, the group is now also focusing on renewable energy projects and business opportunities.

As part of the investor group, the management structure (through a management contract) and the company’s Board of Directors, Global Foods is directly involved with the production and marketing of bio-ethanol produced from cane juice, and of bio-electricity produced from bagasse (biomass).

Looking for business opportunities

Through its participation in Agrivida, it is also an investor in a development company for cellulosic ethanol crops and production; through its experience with establishing and running an Ethiopian jatropha R&D plantation, it has detailed knowledge of this high-yield biodiesel crop; and, more recently it has started looking into the possibilities offered by algae production.

In addition to biofuel and biomass-based electricity, the group is actively looking at other business opportunities in the field of renewable energy and clean technology, including wind energy, biomass and mini hydro power.

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